Pros and Cons: Are Traditional Braces Worth It?

Brandon Orthodontics offers various options for achieving the perfect, straight smile, from Invisalign to traditional braces. Deciding the best choice for you and your smile can be difficult, especially when braces seem intense. Our Rancho Mission Viejo, California office provides several orthodontic treatment options, including traditional braces.

With advancements in technology, orthodontics has changed drastically. However, traditional braces continue to be the popular choice of orthodontic treatment. Although still a popular choice, patients must make an informed decision on their oral health. Here, we will review the five pros and cons before deciding the best treatment for your smile. 

Pros of Traditional Braces

  1. Effective Orthodontic Correction: Traditional braces have stood the test of time as a reliable method for correcting many orthodontic issues. From simple misalignments to complex bite problems, traditional braces offer comprehensive solutions that can effectively address various dental concerns. Traditional braces gradually guide the teeth into their proper positions over time by applying gentle pressure to the teeth through metal brackets and wires. This method has been refined and perfected over decades, resulting in consistently successful outcomes for countless patients.
  2. Predictable and Proven Results: One of the key advantages of traditional braces is their long-standing track record of delivering predictable and successful results. Dr. Alex Brandon has extensive experience and expertise using traditional braces to achieve optimal teeth alignment and bite function. The established protocols and techniques associated with traditional braces ensure that orthodontic treatment progresses systematically, allowing for precise adjustments at each stage. 
  3. Customized Treatment Plans: Traditional braces offer a high degree of customization to accommodate each patient’s unique needs and preferences. Dr. Brandon carefully evaluates individual dental characteristics, such as tooth alignment, spacing, and occlusion, to effectively design personalized treatment plans that address specific concerns. From selecting the appropriate size and configuration of brackets to determining the optimal placement of wires, every aspect of traditional braces can be tailored to ensure optimal comfort and efficacy for the patient. 
  4. Affordability and Accessibility: Compared to alternative orthodontic treatments, traditional braces are often more affordable and accessible for patients seeking comprehensive teeth straightening solutions. The relatively lower cost of materials and procedures associated with traditional braces makes them a cost-effective option for individuals with budgetary constraints or limited insurance coverage. 
  5. Insurance Coverage and Financial Assistance: Traditional braces are typically covered by dental insurance plans, providing financial support and alleviating some of the economic burdens associated with orthodontic treatment. Many insurance policies offer partial or complete coverage for orthodontic services, including the placement and adjustment of traditional braces, depending on the terms and conditions of the plan. Additionally, orthodontic practices may offer flexible payment options and financing plans to help make traditional braces more affordable for patients. 

Cons of Traditional Braces

  1. Aesthetic Concerns and Social Impact: One of the primary drawbacks of traditional braces is their conspicuous appearance, which can be a source of self-consciousness and social anxiety for some patients. The prominent metal brackets and wires on the teeth can draw unwanted attention and make individuals feel insecure about their smiles during treatment. This aesthetic concern may lead to reluctance in social situations, such as speaking in public or participating in social events, potentially affecting the individual’s confidence and self-esteem. 
  2. Discomfort and Adjustment Period: Patients undergoing treatment with traditional braces experience discomfort, soreness, and oral irritation, particularly in the initial stages of wearing braces and following subsequent adjustments. The pressure exerted on the teeth and surrounding oral tissues by the brackets and wires can cause temporary discomfort and sensitivity, making it challenging to eat, speak, or perform oral hygiene tasks comfortably. 
  3. Dietary Restrictions and Oral Hygiene Challenges: Patients with traditional braces must adhere to dietary restrictions to avoid damaging the brackets and wires or causing complications during treatment. Certain foods, such as sticky candies, hard nuts, and chewy snacks, can risk dislodging brackets or bending wires, necessitating repairs and prolonging treatment duration. 
  4. Time and Treatment Duration: Orthodontic treatment with traditional braces typically requires a significant time commitment, with the duration of treatment ranging from several months to several years, depending on the complexity of the case and the desired outcome. Patients must attend regular appointments with Dr. Brandon for adjustments and monitoring of progress, which may involve frequent interruptions to their daily routine and other activities. 
  5. Speech Impediments and Functional Limitations: Traditional braces in the mouth can occasionally affect speech patterns and cause temporary speech impediments or lisping, especially during the initial adjustment period. The brackets and wires may alter the positioning of the tongue and affect airflow within the oral cavity, resulting in changes to articulation and pronunciation of certain sounds. 

Traditional Braces in Rancho Mission Viejo

Traditional braces offered at Brandon Orthodontics in Rancho Mission Viejo, CA, present advantages and disadvantages for patients seeking orthodontic treatment. While traditional braces provide effective orthodontic correction with predictable results and customizable treatment plans, they come with aesthetic concerns, discomfort during adjustment, and dietary restrictions. With the expertise and personalized care provided by Brandon Orthodontics, patients can confidently navigate the journey of orthodontic treatment, knowing that they are in capable hands with our orthodontist, Dr. Alex Brandon.

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