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Overbites typically become apparent during childhood, whether they happen naturally or come from behaviors like pacifier use and thumb sucking. Alex Brandon, DDS, can prevent and treat overbites in patients of all ages at Brandon Orthodontics in San Clemente, California. If you or your child’s upper teeth disproportionately protrude over the lower row, call Brandon Orthodontics or request a consultation online today.


Overbites Q & A

What is an overbite?

An overbite, commonly called a deep bite, is a common type of misalignment characterized by upper teeth that disproportionately protrude over lower teeth. A slight overbite isn’t much of an issue, but Brandon Orthodontics may recommend treatment for a severe overbite. After a brief visual exam, your orthodontist can diagnose an overbite and help you decide if you should correct it and how to do so. Brandon Orthodontics may take X-rays during your first visit to see how your teeth align and if any other issues need correction.

What causes overbites?

An overbite can occur naturally as part of your facial anatomy. Sometimes, overbites run in families. In other cases, overbites develop over time because of habits and behaviors. An overbite can develop or get worse over time because of:
– Thumb sucking
– Tongue thrusting
– Using a pacifier beyond age 3
– Nail biting
– Teeth grinding
You’ll know if you or your child has an overbite because of the way it looks. Even if you don’t catch on, your family dentist will tell you if they notice signs of an overbite or habits that could cause one.

Should I correct an overbite?

The primary reason why most people choose to correct an overbite or take steps to prevent one is the way it affects their appearance. Straighter, better-aligned teeth are generally more attractive and complement any facial shape. However, some other issues can arise from an overbite and drive you to seek treatment. They include:
– Jaw pain or temporomandibular joint disorder
– Speech issues
– Soft tissue damage
– Complications with eating
Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you want to treat your overbite or start phase 1 treatment for your child’s overbite. Brandon Orthodontics can help you decide on a course of treatment that works for you.

How are overbites treated?

Overbite correction or prevention at Brandon Orthodontics may involve one or more of the following techniques: Palate expanders Palate expanders are a part of phase 1 orthodontic treatment that position your child’s jaw as they grow. Braces Braces are brackets that go on your teeth with a wire threaded through them. Gradually, with regular tightening appointments, they shift your teeth into better alignment. Invisalign® Invisalign is an alternative to braces if you prefer something more discreet. It uses a series of transparent, custom aligners that place pressure on your teeth to move them.

If you notice your child developing an underbite, or if you have one, call Brandon Orthodontics or request a consultation online today.